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Entrepreneur, Business Owner, and Investor

I’m a Bangladesh-born entrepreneur, business owner, and investor living in Charlotte, NC, United States. I started my career as a freelancer in 2011 and have developed a passion for business and digital marketing. Through hard work and dedication, I acquired the skills necessary to work with some of America’s largest companies. In 2013, I established my own e-commerce business through Amazon, continuing to hone my skills as a passionate businessman. I enjoy taking on new challenges and working on complex projects. My commitment to success, backed by hard work, belief in myself, and unwavering passion, have enabled me to reach new heights of success.

Ayan Mullick
Founder & CEO
E-commerce Simplified, by AYANS LLC


My Career Journey

Feb 2011 - May 2017


Digital Marketing Specialist

My career began in 2011 as a freelancer doing data entry. Over time, my fascination with digital marketing led me to learn and specialize in areas like lead generation, e-commerce marketing, social media, and business development. This journey transformed me from a novice freelancer to an experienced digital marketing professional.

Aug 2013 - Dec 2019

Global Trading Hub

Ecommerce Business Owner

After gaining valuable experience in diverse industries, I embarked on my path as an Amazon seller in 2013. I have since expanded my entrepreneurial endeavors to operate multiple successful Shopify stores. Specializing in drop-shipping, retail arbitrage, and private-label products, continually adapting to the changing e-commerce market.

Sep 2019 - Present

Ayans LLC


Starting Ayans LLC in 2019, I’ve led the launch of multiple private label brands on platforms like Amazon and Shopify. By partnering with leading US brands and leveraging social media, we’ve expanded our market reach and enhanced customer engagement. These efforts have resulted in millions in revenue, marking our success in the dynamic e-commerce industry.

Feb 2023 - Present

E-commerce Simplified

Founder & CEO

Leveraging my skills, I established E-commerce Simplified, a marketing agency focused on empowering businesses. I lead strategic planning and client relations, driving growth through brand-building and social media initiatives. Despite industry hurdles, we continually enhance our clients’ online presence and increase revenue.

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Combining Creativity With Great Analytics

We can unlock powerful insights to drive innovative solutions by combining creativity and great analytics. Harnessing the power of both forces opens a world of possibilities for businesses seeking growth potential beyond their current scope.